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LANMessage Pro is a powerful tool for communicating with other people on your network. It provides a means of communication that is faster than e-mail and is easier than yelling down the hallway. On all networks traffic is a concern, but LANMessage Pro has that taken care of. LANMessage Pro uses the built in messenger service called net send. Net send does not require you to connect to a server like most instant messaging programs, so you free up valuable network bandwidth. LANMessage Pro lets you easily:

  • Send, Receive, Reply and Forward messages
  • Work in Silent Mode
  • Create Private List of users on the LAN
  • Create and Manage Groups of users
  • Give an Aliases for users
  • Manage LOG of Sent/Received Messages
  • Create a ''Quick Ansers'' List
  • Export/Import Private List to/from file
  • Create Signature and/or Header for all messages
  • Create Ignore List
and much more... LANMessage Pro is a very functional program that is not cluttered with flashy pictures and obscure sounds, very easy to configure, the default settings work great for the basic user. LANMessage Pro is very powerful, functional, reliable tool for communicating within your network.

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